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Your passion is to become a police officer ... it won't go away ... you want it yesterday!

Our passion is getting clients through their police testing and beyond!


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The PATI pass rate has been 100% for Gold Level Membership clients who follow the video course program and do Complete Tests #4, 5, and 6 with 15 mins to spare, and no more than two errors per section.

The Sigma Test or SSPO (Sigma Survey for Police Officers) is used with police services in Saskatchewan and Ontario, Canada, and in various locations in the United States. This is a standardized test - the Sigma is the Sigma - no matter where or when you write it. The preparation here on the site is comprehensive and 100% of clients using Cognitive Results preparation have passed to date as long as they follow the complete program and 'meet standards'.

The RCMP testing practice offered on Cognitive Results has passed 100% of the clients to date who have followed the complete program. Our preparation covers both the new format RCMP e-RPAT test, and the original paper-and-pencil RCMP testing.

We pride ourselves on creating fantastic preparation materials that work! We put the time in to make your life easier and more successful.

Benjamin Franklin


Get going on your dream job!

“I am the Police, and I am here to arrest you. You have broken the law. I did not write the law, I may even disagree with the law, but I will enforce it. Nothing will stop me from placing you in a steel cage with bars. Behind my badge is a heart like yours. I bleed, I think, I love, and yes, I can be killed. And although I am but one man, I have thousands of brothers and sisters who would die for me and I for them. We stand watch together. I am fate with a badge and a gun. The thin-blue-line, protecting the prey from the predators, the good from the bad. We are the police.”

End of Watch


BRONZE Level Includes:

  • Interview Teaching, including PBQ, LFI, ECI - complete and accurate
  • RCMP Interview Teaching - complete and accurate
  • WCT Teaching plus Scenarios  - complete and accurate
  • BPAD Teaching plus Scenarios - complete and accurate

When you purchase, you benefit from my 10 years of experience teaching clients.


SILVER Level Includes:

  • PATI Practice Questions- covers all 6 areas at correct level - over 1000 questions - full worked solutions
  • SIGMA Practice Questions - complete and very accurate
  • RCMP e-RPAT new format Practice Questions
  • RPAT old format Practice Questions
  • GATB Practice Questions (used for: Special Constable, Air Traffic Control, Nuclear Security, Military)

Suitable for those who need practice only.


GOLD Level Includes Everything We Offer - Optimize Your Path to Success:

Refresher on MATH needed for any reason? Use the Video Course.

  • PATI Video Course - covers all 6 areas in depth - 115 videos + over 750 quiz questions
  • Full Email Support including academic

Everything for your OACP certificate (except the PREP) and beyond to the Interview stage.

When you purchase, you benefit from my 10 years of experience teaching clients how to get through and be successful through all the stages, PLUS you get me as a resource.

Don't be a statistic. Most applicants (60%) underestimate the PATI and waste months waiting to rewrite. The ECI interview has an 85% failure rate (source: Hamilton Police) ... but not for my clients.

SIGN UP for a 5-part series on the PATI, Free Sample PATI test, Free Algebra Test, and a Free Word Problem Video Course Lesson!! (Don't worry, we hate spam too. I will not pass your email on, ever.)

Recent Success Stories:

"I just got my certificate of results and I met all the requirements. Thank you again for helping me get this far. I'm working on my résumé and cover letter now and should be ready to apply in a weeks time! [He will be using the included preparation material for the Interviews.]" A., March 30, 2015

"Just got my certification in the mail and wanted to say thank you again for all the help :D Now the interview preparation begins!" B., March 24, 2015

"Thanks to your program Gillian it really helped me get through the testing and pass the PATI. The videos are really helpful and easy to understand.. I would recommend this program to anyone willing to become a police officer." D., March 19, 2015

(Sent from mobile phone) "Hi Gillian, I took the PATI on this past Saturday. I got my results and I passed.. thank you for your help your questions and (video) tutoring really helped me.." D., March 18, 2015

"Hi Gillian, I just wanted to inform you that after years of failing and retrying my ATS, I passed it. The results just came in. I just wanted to take this time to send out a special thank you. I tried many sites and they did not work. I have to say that all your material in your teaching course and your practice is extremely relevant to the test and I have learned so many things that I did not know before and I couldn't have done it without your teaching material. Thank you so much, this has really been a weight lifted off my shoulders and means so much to me. Please keep doing what you are doing because it's worth it to so many candidates. I really want to thank you and I am really glad that I took the time to invest in your program. Great Job and thank you again! I will refer every candidate that I know to make the same investment." J., March 11, 2015

"Thank you Gillian for creating a program that works! I received my OACP certificate today and it's such a great feeling to be over this stage and moving on to police applications. What I want to tell others who are not sure about becoming a member with you, is that if you want to be a police officer, Cognitive Results is the best way to go in the shortest amount of time. I WASTED my time with other sites. Now I know that Gillian has my back for the Interview part too. Wake up guys! She has 10 years in this biz." L., March 7, 2015

"I just wanted to let you know that I got my PATI results today and I PASSED!!! Thank-You for such a great program- I have already recommended you to others :)" K., March 5, 2015

"I just completed stage 1 of the ATS and was successful on both the PATI and WCT. Before Gillian’s amazing program I had no knowledge of WCT or of any components of the PATI. I was nervous to apply for my ATS as I knew I wouldn't stand a chance meeting the standards for the test. I worked with Cognitive Results for four months following the program to a tee and after talking to Gillian I was confident to book my test. Thanks to Gillian’s amazing teaching technique, video material, feedback and guidance throughout the four months I was successful in my first attempt on the PATI and WCT. After working with Cognitive Results I found the PATI and WCT to be a lot easier than I had anticipated. I am now on to stage 2!! Thanks again Gillian, couldn't have done it without your help." A., March 5, 2015.

Just heard from a client in the Barrie area - he's so relieved to receive his MEETS STANDARD for the PATI! One more step is complete for him! March 4, 2015

Recommendation: "The first time I took the PATI I had solely studied from the Canadian Police Officer Exam Book, otherwise known as the Police Prep book. I thought I was prepared enough to take the test and I ultimately did not meet the standard. Discouraged and frustrated with my results I took to the internet to find a better study outlet for the PATI and that's when I found Cognitive Results. After having a conversation with Gillian over the phone I was excited and very optimistic about my next go at the PATI. The way Gillian teaches all portions of the PATI is amazing and it is so easy to learn! If math was taught this way in high school I would've enjoyed going to everyday. I passed the PATI on my second attempt and have Gillian and Cognitive Results to thank. This site is well worth the investment and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for tutoring and a step by step guide throughout the entire recruitment process." V., February 25, 2015

"I got my results back from the PATI testing I did on the 21st, I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so relieved that the huge obstacle I was facing has been completed!... give me a call so I can properly thank you!!!" V., February 26, 2015

"I passed! :D moving onto the BPAD in two weeks, thank you for all the help!" G., February 26, 2015

Recommendation: "The PATI was a huge struggle for me and after failing it for the third time, I had decided that I was going to give it one more try. I found Cognitive Results online - after I read a few of the testimonials, I was hooked and it was the best move I could have made. I started off with the video teaching, which was amazing, then everyday after work I would practice one of the areas. After I felt comfortable in all of the areas, I started doing the Complete Tests, which really built my confidence. If I had any questions about the material, I would shoot Gillian an email. This site is truly amazing and I would recommend it to any one. Gillian, thank you so much for making my dream so much closer to a reality." S., February 17, 2015

"Hi Gillian just wanted to let you know that I did all of my stage 1 , and I passed, Yeahhhhhh!!!! I am so excited, Thanks so much Gillian, it really feels good!" S., February 15, 2015

"Hired by Peel Regional Police on my first (and only) round of applications!!!!! Gillian, a heartfelt thank you to you. Not only for the incredible resource that you've provided with Cognitive Results, but for your guidance as well. You've been on this journey with me from start to finish. From the PATI, BPAD, LFI, ECI to finally being able to say I've been hired. I truly couldn't have done it without you." C., February 15, 2015

"I cannot express how thankful I am to you and your impeccable teaching method. I wrote my PATI and WCT the very first time and I passed!! I want to mention that I studied the material, saw every video and followed every step the way you recommended. No skipping units. I also want to let you know that I had a very weak math base [prior to signing up]. Your teaching is commendable. I learnt a lot that I never imagined I could.

Also, I'm so grateful for your prompt replies to all my emails, all my questions.

Step by step videos made me understand the basic logic for all the problems. Anyone who follows the steps and works with the complete tests in the given time is sure to pass the test.

Thanks again. You sure have worked very hard to put all the material together. The investment is very much worth it." R., February 12, 2015

"Hey! I took my PATI on January 31st and I just found out I passed. I think having the videos were helpful for my learning style. They let me watch, learn, pause, and take notes that worked for me. I felt so prepared and ready to give it my all. Thanks for your amazing program! Couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for everything :)" M., February 5, 2015

"Recommendation: I have used Cognitive Results for my PATI, WCT and BPAD preparation. I feel that this program is a tool to help you gain success. Gillian is very quick with replying to any questions or concerns, is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work. The website is easy to navigate and well organized. The teaching material is exceptional and unlike any other website has to offer. I used the video tutorials to re-learn my math skills and gain confidence with the time travel questions, which were my biggest challenge. The tests are accurate and mimic the difficulty. I would highly recommend this program for anyone considering a career in policing, as it will help you advance quickly and reach your goals faster." A., February 2, 2015

"Hey Gillian - I forgot to tell you that I wrote the RCMP e-RPAT and I met the criteria to proceed further. Just waiting for the package next. I found the practice tests super useful and they really did the trick. Thanks again for your help!"

"Hi Gillian, Thank you seems so inadequate right now. Thanks to your amazing materials and advice I passed my ECI with Hamilton (85% failure rate per my interviewers) today and I'm still in the thick of things with two other services as well! For anyone reading this, you will not find better material than Gillian's to prepare you for this process from start to finish. As the saying goes, if you fail to prepare...prepare to fail. I can attest to this being a HIGHLY competitive and stressful process. Do not make it harder than it has to be, do not leave anything to chance, and do not think for a second that you'll find another site to better prepare you for this journey. If you are serious about becoming a police officer and serious about not having to redo any steps in this journey, park your ego and let Gillian guide you."

"Cognitive Results is the most comprehensive site for those interested in pursuing a career in policing.  I would strongly urge members to take advantage of the on-line video teaching sessions for optimum results.  If you are serious about passing your P.A.T.I. exam, look no further.  Quite simply, the other sites do not compare."

Note: This client purchased three other sites before coming to me.