IMAGINE being able to have a step-by-step plan combined with the most effective teaching to gain the knowledge you need for your police test and later your interview process. IMAGINE being able to focus on what is really on the test, rather than researching for hours what you think might be on the test. IMAGINE using the best support and tools provided with the best success rate out there.

Imagine no more. Use this site for all of your policing test needs to make your dreams a reality.

Cognitive Results is a comprehensive start-to-finish service that will help you through your police, border services, or government test and interviews. We live and breathe perfecting our services to you. We go above and beyond to help you. Over 10 years of personal attention.

RCMP Careers

Because you want help from folks that believe in integrity and quality. You will have our expertise and skills in making the BEST TEST AND INTERVIEW PREPARATION out there. We are different because we care about you.

Our success rate is unparalleled. Every single client .... that's 100% .... who has completed the program and met the benchmarks provided has passed. Our clients who interview hit it out of the park. We add new information every week.

You will have access to the only site using full-on video teaching for both the tests and the interviews - over 150 videos on the site to date. You will have me to help you, with over 10 years of teaching experience in the police testing area (27 years of teaching in all) - this means that you have the best METHODS of teaching you the material combined with the CORRECT material to teach.

You will get the support you need to get going on your police career. Because sometimes it's about having someone there to keep you on track!


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180 Ontario Correctional Officers To Be Hired

180 Correctional Officers to be Hired

Hi Gillian,

I meant to tell you I was sworn in so I am officially a constable!

It's only right that I share this with you since you and your material were so integral to this accomplishment.

I truly wanted this and it wasn't anywhere close to easy but I was willing to work for it and, equally, I wasn't willing to take any chances so I called on you and your materials. Not only did I get hired, but I got hired my first time applying.

Thank you for everything and I know we'll continue to stay in touch. I continue to refer people to you. Whether or not they listen depends on whether or not they want the job. C.

Windsor Police $100K Salary Approval Article - Other Services to Follow

Why are You Waiting?

Windsor Police Approves Pay Increase

Don't be a statistic. Most applicants underestimate their police test and waste months waiting to rewrite. The ECI interview has an 85% failure rate (source: Hamilton Police) ... but not for my clients.

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York Region Council Approves Police Hires

Here's the Answer to an Important Question You May Have!

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And exactly why are you waiting for the doors to open on TPS? Get your OACP now so you are ready and in the door first. Job security, benefits, overtime, and opportunity.

Toronto Police Budget Board Approval

Recent Success Stories:

"With this program I passed the PATI and the WCT in my first ever try. Over-training in the PATI got rid of all doubt when I entered to write the test. I felt ready for anything. Now I'm on to Stage 2!!!!!!! My favourite part about this program is the GOLD membership. It allowed me to keep in contact with Gillian with any questions, concerns or clarifications. The six month access is great as well now that I'm moving on to stage 2 I have all the tools to succeed and rid myself of doubt! Thank you Gillan for getting me closer to my goal couldn't have done it without you!" F., February 1, 2016

"I know I haven't completed the entire course yet (still going through the math video lessons), and I must say, HOLY! Your teachings + work is amazing! I love it and thank you once again. PolicePrep wasn't teaching anything at all, it gave very basic and general info and you were on your own after that. Once you made a mistake a solution was provided, and that wasn't step by step either, just flat out - here you go, this is the answer, type of thing." J., January 25, 2016

"If you are contemplating becoming a police officer and require some help getting for the PATI, please don't waste your time or money on other sites. Cognitive Results will get you there. Gillian goes through each section of the test thoroughly, she covers every angle the test might throw your way." M., January 25, 2016

This client was straight up about his experience with the competition in his success story, so I'm leaving it as is with no disguising it ... be aware that most clients have tried one or more other sites and struggled.

"Gillian, after using sites such as Policeprep.com and Testreadypro.com (without success) I finally found your site. Although it may not be the cheapest site around, you really do get what you pay for! I decided to invest in my future and sign up for the Gold Program. I am happy to let you know that I passed my PATI, WCT and BPAD on the very first attempt!! Although it was not easy, your videos guided me every step of the way. Having your material was really invaluable to me and I wish that I had found your site years ago.

I am so excited to begin the application process and will DEFINITELY be using the Guided Interview program. I will recommend you to all of my friends and colleges in a heartbeat.

A big thank you" C.D., January 19, 2016

In a recent phone call ... "You are my secret. I have lots of friends trying to get policing jobs but I am the only one nailing the interviews and moving forward. I'm in process with two services. Once I pass my backgrounds I will tell the world about you! But right now, my friends are my competition." [Seriously, who has this business problem? My clients are so thrilled that they don't want to tell their friends because they know my teaching works!] January 6, 2016.

"Hello Gillian, I just wanted to say thank you. Your course was instrumental in helping me pass the PATI, the second time. I tried it on my own a few months ago but did not meet standard. After completing your program I was was successful in passing and was thrilled to get the "Meets Standard" email from ATS." C., December 16, 2015

"Thank you SO much for all your help. The gold package is 100% the way to go. I wrote the PATI and WCT and failed both last year [prior to finding Cognitive Results]. My confidence was down and I was not sure if I could pass the testing. 1 month ago I bought the Gold Package and this site blew me away. I went through all the topics and tests and I just got my results on December 9th/2015 and I passed BOTH! Thank you so much for your help." P., December 10, 2015

"Got my results today and it says 'Meets Standard'. I wrote [the PATI] test on November 21st, 2015. I want to say that this is the best website for the practice and anyone who wants to clear it in the first attempt. All the material is very useful and if you practice everything you will succeed. Gillian is very helpful and replies to the emails quickly. I want to thank you again for your support. :)" P., November 25, 2015

"I just wanted to let you know I was successful with my RCMP testing. I know you have lots of PATI clients, but maybe this will help another person out there wanting to pass their RCMP testing too. I'm looking forward to the RCMP interview material in the Guided Interview program. Sure beats wondering if I've got it right or not - I know I will using your teaching. Thanks again, words cannot express what a difference you've made in my life." N., November 24, 2015

"I wanted to thank you for such a fantastic course! I wrote my PATI and passed! Next step is the WCT." S., November 23, 2015

"Thanks Gillian for all your help. I got a job offer from ***** police service - I am at the OPC in January. I could not not have done it without you. I tried police prep, test ready pro and other tutors and nothing worked until I found the best product out there {Cognitive Results}. Your material is 100 percent effective. I was so shocked at how much I learned from you. I recommend Cognitive Results for 100 percent success. Thanks Gillian" R., November 22, 2015

"I wouldn't have passed the PATI without the help of your Cognitive Results so thanks again." M., November 11, 2015

Two more clients passed this past week ... on their way to the interviews using the Guided Interview product ... week ending Oct 31st

Hi Gillian

I am 49 and have been out of school for years. Knowing I had to "brush up" on some skills I was first directed to another prep site that a friend of mine had taken. Not impressed with the information offered, I found your website through Google.

I signed up and started through the course. Questions came up along the way and I was surprised how fast you responded to my emails. After the course, I followed (for the most part) the study schedule laid out.

On October 24 2015, I sat down to write the PATI and WCT. The WCT teachings were invaluable and while I saw others constantly erasing (especially near the 50 minute mark), I was completed. For the PATI, I tackled the arithmetic first, word problems second, and using the syllogism teaching, finished those in about 4 minutes giving me a break before hitting the mapping. All in all, was done the PATI with just over 15 minutes left. There is zero question that what you offer with your website is extremely valuable. I felt literally no stress in taking these tests. Those that were frantically trying to complete would have been well served to step inside your course. Results were emailed to me today and "Meets Standard" was the outcome.

Many thanks, S., October 28, 2015

"Just wanted to say thank you for your help with the PATI and WCT. I was successful in both :)" O., October 8, 2015

"I had my ECI interview Friday used your advice - felt a lot more prepared, a lot better [than when he had it 6 months ago prior to finding me]. I haven't heard yet if I'm successful or not, was just trying to stay ahead of the game in case they set it up quick." TODAY'S NEWS: "Just got the call, I passed, next step is an inspector interview" J., October 6, 2015

"Well Ms. Gillian...we did it!!!

I passed the PATI using your course!!!! I am upset at myself that I did not buy your course on my first try, but I passed now and that's all that matters.

I want to thank you so so so so so so so much for teaching me math all over again. I wouldn't have been able to do it without your video course and practice tests.

Again from the bottom of my heart..THANK YOU...you helped me overcome my fear of the notorious PATI!" A., September 30, 2015

"Thank you. You are an amazing teacher. I loved your PATI teaching and of course the ECI now. [Written in reference to working through the ECI Video Course in preparation for the booked interview.]" R., September 16, 2015

"Awesome, I looked it over quite a bit, I can't believe how much I was missing. [Written in reference to the RCMP Interview teaching - this client had failed the interview last year prior to finding me and is now preparing for his re-test this year.]" C., September 12, 2015

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