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Your passion is to become a police officer … it won’t go away … you want it yesterday!


Our passion is getting clients through their police testing and beyond!


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The PATI pass rate has been 100% for Gold Level Membership clients who follow the video course program and do Complete Tests #4, 5, and 6 with 15 mins to spare, and no more than two errors per section.


The Sigma Test or SSPO (Sigma Survey for Police Officers) is used with police services in Saskatchewan and Ontario, Canada, and in various locations in the United States. This is a standardized test – the Sigma is the Sigma – no matter where or when you write it. The preparation here on the site is comprehensive and 100% of clients using Cognitive Results preparation have passed to date as long as they follow the complete program and ‘meet standards’.


The RCMP testing practice offered on Cognitive Results has passed 100% of the clients to date who have followed the complete program.


We pride ourselves on creating fantastic preparation materials that work! We put the time in to make your life easier and more successful.


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BRONZE Level Includes:

  • Interview Teaching, including PBQ, LFI, ECI – complete and accurate
  • RCMP Interview Teaching – complete and accurate
  • WCT Teaching plus Scenarios  – complete and accurate
  • BPAD Teaching plus Scenarios – complete and accurate

When you purchase, you benefit from my 9 years of experience teaching clients.



SILVER Level Includes:

  • PATI Practice Questions- covers all 6 areas at correct level – over 1000 questions – full worked solutions
  • SIGMA Practice Questions – complete and very accurate
  • RCMP e-RPAT new format Practice Questions
  • RPAT old format Practice Questions
  • GATB Practice Questions (used for: Special Constable, Air Traffic Control, Nuclear Security, Military)

Suitable for those who need practice only.



GOLD Level Includes Everything We Offer – Optimize Your Path to Success:

Refresher on MATH needed for any reason? Use the Video Course.

  • PATI Video Course – covers all 6 areas in depth – 115 videos + over 750 quiz questions
  • Full Email Support including academic

Everything for your OACP certificate (except the PREP) and beyond to the Interview stage.


When you purchase, you benefit from my 9 years of experience teaching clients how to get through and be successful through all the stages, PLUS you get me as a resource.



Don’t be a statistic. Most applicants (60%) underestimate the PATI and waste months waiting to rewrite. The ECI interview has an 85% failure rate (source: Hamilton Police) … but not for my clients.


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Recent Success Stories:


Just heard from two clients – both passed the PATI and one of them has already passed his ECI interview stage (on to the Sigma testing with OPP now). Great job both of you!
Cognitive Results, November 26, 2014.


“Hi Gillian,
Thank you seems so inadequate right now. Thanks to your amazing materials and advice I passed my ECI with Hamilton (85% failure rate per my interviewers) today and I’m still in the thick of things with two other services as well!
For anyone reading this, you will not find better material than Gillian’s to prepare you for this process from start to finish. As the saying goes, if you fail to prepare…prepare to fail. I can attest to this being a HIGHLY competitive and stressful process. Do not make it harder than it has to be, do not leave anything to chance, and do not think for a second that you’ll find another site to better prepare you for this journey.
If you are serious about becoming a police officer and serious about not having to redo any steps in this journey, park your ego and let Gillian guide you.”
C.B., November 14, 2014.


“Gillian, would like to tell you I got hired to the Windsor Police! Thanks for everything again. Feels great!”
A.R., November 13, 2014.


“Hi Gillian,
I would like to take this moment to thank you very much for what your training program has provided me.
I want to advise you that I have successfully passed the PATI examination.
I found that the test was easy. Your program provided me with the skills, knowledge and most importantly the confidence to be successful; I would recommend your program over any other.
I will renew my membership before it expires as I want to prepare for the RCMP examination.
Thank you again!”
R.F., November 13, 2014.


“Gillian – just wanted to let you know some feedback that your interview materials are bang on. As you know, I failed my first ECI and have another chance at it in two weeks. Now that I’ve been through your interview teaching, I know exactly what I did wrong. Feeling confident and prepared now! Will update you soon.”
S., November 12, 2014.


“Hi Gillian,
I passed my SIGMA and I’m on to the psych and backgrounds. Looks like my dream of OPP is coming true. The SIGMA practice is excellent and I was well prepared by doing the tests and following the vocabulary suggestions. I will keep you posted!”
J., November 7, 2014.


“Hi Gillian,
Just giving you an update. I received my employment offer with Toronto on Monday, I’m signing all the paperwork tomorrow morning.
Thanks again for all your help and guidance!”
R., October 30, 2014.


“Gillian just wanted to let you know that I got my OACP certificate in the mail last night YAYYYY!!!!. In the beginning I felt so discouraged and I was ready to give up but signing up was the best decision I ever made. If it weren’t for you and your website I wouldn’t have gotten to this point. I am so excited that I am steps closer to living my dreams, and I have you to thank for that.
Once again thanks so much. I couldn’t have done it without you!”
C.B., October 21, 2014.


“I chose not to delay and even though I did not complete the [practice] tests in the recommended time, I did pass! I blew through it and same with the WCT. Your material is great and I am so thankful someone referred me to you, I go for BPAD on the 22nd.”
K.W., October 10, 2014.


“I have passed TPS interview !!!!! I just want to say thank you and that your help was priceless :) and without you I wouldn’t be able to do this.
Thank you very very much.”
P., October 8, 2014.


RCMP early access client just passed! Wonderful news! Now on to helping with the interview!
Cognitive Results, October 6, 2014.


“Hi Gillian, it went well. The next day they called me saying I passed the ECI. Was not expecting a call back that quick but ya, I’m onto the background stage.”
A., October 6, 2014.


“I got the results via email today. If I could give you a hug over email I would. If I listed all the wonderful things about Cognitive Results I would be here to the middle of next week. Your web site absolutely rocks and it helped me get the results on the PATI I wanted. (MEETS STANDARD) Thank you for all your help and coaching on the PATI. You’re not done with me yet. I plan on using the site all the way the process. Next step is to do the PREP and then the BPAD. My biggest concern was the PATI and now that is taken care of.
This was going to be my third attempt at the PATI and my last. The video course is amazing and it works. Gillian has a way of presenting the materials in the video teaching that makes the material easy to understand and learn. I liked the fact that I could go through the material at my own pace and on my own time. If you follow Gillian’s system and put in the time, you will get the result you’re looking for.”
J.K., September 20, 2014.


“Cognitive Results is the most comprehensive site for those interested in pursuing a career in policing.  I would strongly urge members to take advantage of the on-line video teaching sessions for optimum results.  If you are serious about passing your P.A.T.I. exam, look no further.  Quite simply, the other sites do not compare.”

Note: This client purchased three other sites before coming to me.