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Personal Memberships

You sign up with us for quality programs that are effective. This is a self-study program with available consulting (extra fee). If you share with another person or teacher, this is a violation of your terms of purchase of the program. The program materials and login are for your eyes only.

Specialists in Police Math Consulting

You invest in our programs to get the experienced, specialized help you need. Math is easy to learn with our visual lessons and reinforcement. We are continually adding new material to the site to help you. This is not a bank of questions recycled for each type of police test.

Technical Requirements

You will need a computer (Mac or PC), or a laptop (not a mobile device). You will need to install Chrome (free) as your browser for timing functionality perfection. Chrome or Chrome for Mac is safe and secure and an excellent browser to use in general. Other browsers have known difficulties, so please use the recommended Chrome browser.

Respectful Communication

We are here to help, but please and thanks go a long way along with common courtesy and common sense.

Fair Treatment for Every Client

Our service is based on treating every member or prospective member equally. As such, every client pays the same amount. The entire program is received immediately by the client upon sign up. It is up to the client to get the most out of their program that has been purchased. We provide an exceptional group of programs that are extremely effective. Please do your part to respect our hard work and not ask for discounts or special memberships as we treat every client fairly and the same.

Current Information

You will benefit from our hard work to continually update the materials and teaching on the site. We have up-to-date materials (unlike the other sites) and are proud of responding quickly when tests or interviews change. It takes a lot of work to maintain the site up to our standards, but our clients are very happy with their results.

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