Expert Police Test & Interview Preparation

Police · OACP · CBSA · RCMP · Military · Police Interviews · SIGMA

We have been teaching Canadian police applicants like you to pass your tests and interviews with flying colours since 2005.

Expert Police Test & Interview Preparation

Police · OACP · CBSA · RCMP · Military · Police Interviews · SIGMA

We have been teaching Canadian police applicants like you to pass your tests and interviews with flying colours since 2005.

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Expert police test prep and interview prep. Everything we offer!

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Ontario Police College is now Free

CFAT is still used later in the process - it still determines your trade choice.

Are you ready for success?

We're here to help cut the noise on getting you ready for your career in policing.

Since 2005, we've helped clients achieve their dream career. We hear every day how clients are grateful that they found us. Our programs are based on QUALITY and RESULTS.

Our goal is to provide you with all the resources to navigate your police journey with ease. You still have to do the work, but we've made it so much easier by providing clear teaching that is directly targeted at your test or interview.

We've had amazing success over the years and our police grads still keep in touch. This is a relationship business. We are here to help!

Your Cognitive Results membership is an investment in your future. If you want to shave off a year or more of frustration, you've come to the right place.

Our biggest piece of advice to you is don't underestimate your test or your interview. We have had many, many clients come to us who have used other websites and struggled with forward movement in their journey. We are DIFFERENT. Read through the testimonials and you will see many people who used us later on and regretted not investing in themselves.

Your police test and police interview need to be taken seriously and need to be given the time and attention they deserve. You will get the right teaching and the right practice from us. There is no fluff in our material but it is thorough - be forewarned.

There IS a lot to learn to do this right and get through on the first attempt - but you really want this career change, right? So step out of your comfort zone (because this is good training in advance for Police College as well).

We are here to help you - please reach out with any questions and let's get your career unstuck.

Monthly Subscription $57

Expert police test prep and interview prep. Everything we offer!

(Unlimited access, cancel anytime.)

Why choose Cognitive Results? (Since 2005)

Current Teaching

Continuously updated, accurate programs.

Complete Programs

Full teaching programs, not just a bank of tests repeating the same questions.

Learning Tools

Learn how not just what. Videos with quizzes to check progress. Teaching, tests, practice exams.

Very High Success Rates

Our clients are successful.

Ad-free Learning Platform

No distracting ads to deal with.

Video Teaching

Visual teaching. Video teaching. Reinforcement.

What do our clients say?

"The whole process went smoothly from preparing using your program for the tests, then using your interview program after. I was successful with two services. And now I have to pick - that's the hard part. I don't know if that's typical, but I can say I was well-prepared and obviously must have scored high on the testing to even get the interviews to begin with. I think what you offer is so much better and gets the job done efficiently and right. Thank you for making the programs. You made a difference in my life for sure. Yes, I will keep in touch and thanks again."

"Hello Gillian! Good news, I have been hired by the XXXX Police as a Police Constable and have to thank you for all the help your site provided me throughout the process. Your information thoroughly aided me when preparing for the general mental ability assessment and the following panel interviews. I feel a big part of my success was because I utilized your teachings, and thank you so much for the help. If anyone is looking for a competitive advantage, I highly recommend Cognitive Results!"

"The importance of being in a job that's bullet-proof (haha) has been emphasized to me with the COVID situation. Policing is that job. Thanks for asking, I'm doing well and have two interviews coming up so my scores on the OACP Certificate must have been really good. My friend didn't use you and he's had no invitations yet. He says the test was really hard for him and that he's using you next time to prepare when his OACP expires."

“Cognitive results was everything advertised and more. I relied on Gillian and her website through my entire process. The program from studying for the OACP Certificate right through my LFA, LFI, ECI and Psych testing was extremely beneficial. Cognitive Results gave me the tools, tips and deeper understanding of what the police forces in Ontario are expecting from successful candidates.Gillian is professional, very accommodating and responsive. I cannot recommend her website and personal coaching sessions enough.If you’re trying to succeed as a police applicant Cognitive Results will give you the advantage over everyone else.”

Recent Testimonials

"Hi Gillian, I was actually going to email you. The interview went well ... Your interview material was great. I really went back to the templates and came up with some new examples that got me through." (Client had coaching and was advised that the examples he had written were not sufficient, along with tips on how to improve them. We did extensive brainstorming together along with an emphasis on what points to hit to be successful. This is full-service coaching with a near 100% success rate.) CR: "Are you glad in the end that you had coaching after all?" Client: "Yes absolutely thank you. I will keep updated." April 10, 2024.

"Yes I made it through (the interview) and passed the Psych too. What a relief to be done with all of that. Thank you for everything you've helped with so far. From the test to this point you made it easy to just follow the program and do the steps. Thank you Gillian." March 21, 2024

"If you’re planning on writing your online entrance assessment testing for the RCMP this is the site for you. I used this site to prepare and when I wrote I felt over prepared and aced the aptitude testing portion of the process. Go through all the examples. If you don’t understand something just email and the administrator will either email or phone you to help guide you in understanding the concept you’re having difficulty with. Thank you." March 6, 2024

"Hi Gillian, Thanks again for your help with the interview. Our conversations helped me outline and break down questions better and provide exactly what they sought. I am moving on to the Psych as that was confirmed with me since I passed the LFI and ECI yesterday." December 20, 2023

"... thank you for your great material. I passed the interviews and psych and my background was passed as well ... I even did the medical and uniform fittings as well. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your amazing guidance." December 6, 2023

"Thank you for everything. Your website is so complete and step-by-step. I have been out of school for a long time and you took me from rusty to confident. Your teaching is exactly what I needed to get up to speed quickly and get to the next step. I have two interviews booked in the next couple of weeks so I will be working on my scenarios for sure." November 16, 2023

"Thank you Gillian. You have got the best material out there." November 15, 2023

"Yes, I did pass both LFI and ECI portions. Your program made it totally doable to prepare right." October 12, 2023

"So far (I've passed the) written LFI, face-to-face ECI and LFI." October 12, 2023

"What can I say? I feel like I was stuck until I found you. Right from the prep material for the test to the interview prep, I felt like you had my back. I have the home visit next. It has been smooth for sure. I can see why you've been around for so long. You're real. I appreciate you." August 6, 2023

"I just wanted to let you know that I was successful in the interview. I took your advice and worked on my scenarios so that they were stronger. I didn't change the facts as you advised, but made the delivery clearer. This made all the difference I think compared to my other attempts. Thanks for your help Gillian." May 23, 2023