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LONGEVITY: Since 2005, we've assisted clients, ensuring their success.

GROWTH: Our services evolved from in-person assistance to the comprehensive online video tutorials and practice test programs you see today.

QUICK RESPONSE TIME: We are very responsive to any client questions.

FLEXIBILITY: Additionally, online coaching is available for existing clients. Our one-on-one meetings not only accelerate your progress but also enhance accountability.

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Our success rate for clients who pass their interviews is high. Are we a 'secret weapon' in this process for clients?

We have thousands of testimonials from pleased clients. Will yours be amongst them soon?

The process of achieving a career in law enforcement is not instant. Helping so many clients over the years means you can confidently rely on us for our experience and ethics. Moreover, we also know the desire for a law enforcement career will not fade. Subsequently, the only way out is through.

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Remember, the services WANT you to have prepared well. It is not a secretive process. They expect their future officers to do their research and prepare well with help from the community (Cognitive Results).

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It is time to harness the psychology of change to your advantage. We all know stepping beyond our comfort zone often triggers subconscious fears. Notably, when striving for change, our primitive brain intervenes to maintain safety. This mechanism may have served cave dwellers well, but it's outdated. For this purpose, learn to outsmart your brain and achieve your desired outcomes in life.

Besides, whether it's a new career as a police officer, a CBSA officer, an RCMP officer, or a Canadian Forces member, the steps to follow are similar. Firstly, sign up for the test preparation; secondly, write your test; thirdly, sign up for our interview preparation; and finally, apply for positions and excel in interviews!

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What do our clients say?

"The whole process went smoothly from preparing using your program for the tests, then using your interview program after. I was successful with two services. And now I have to pick - that's the hard part. I don't know if that's typical, but I can say I was well-prepared and obviously must have scored high on the testing to even get the interviews to begin with. I think what you offer is so much better and gets the job done efficiently and right. Thank you for making the programs. You made a difference in my life for sure. Yes, I will keep in touch and thanks again."

"Hello Gillian! Good news, I have been hired by the XXXX Police as a Police Constable and have to thank you for all the help your site provided me throughout the process. Your information thoroughly aided me when preparing for the general mental ability assessment and the following panel interviews. I feel a big part of my success was because I utilized your teachings, and thank you so much for the help. If anyone is looking for a competitive advantage, I highly recommend Cognitive Results!"

"The importance of being in a job that's secure has been emphasized to me with the COVID situation. Policing is that job. Thanks for asking, I'm doing well and have two interviews coming up so my scores on the OACP Certificate must have been really good. My friend didn't use you and he's had no invitations yet. He says the test was really hard for him and that he's using you next time to prepare when his OACP expires."

“Cognitive results was everything advertised and more. I relied on Gillian and her website through my entire process. The program from studying for the OACP Certificate right through my LFA, LFI, ECI and Psych testing was extremely beneficial. Cognitive Results gave me the tools, tips and deeper understanding of what the police forces in Ontario are expecting from successful candidates.Gillian is professional, very accommodating and responsive. I cannot recommend her website and personal coaching sessions enough.If you’re trying to succeed as a police applicant Cognitive Results will give you the advantage over everyone else.”

"Cognitive Results was instrumental in helping me navigate the CBSA hiring process. Knowing how to prepare for the OTEE test and what to study was first. After passing the test, I was well-prepared for the interview with Gillian's teaching. Thank you Gillian for everything you've put into this website - I can't imagine how hard it would be without it."

"The RCMP test was smooth sailing because of being so well prepared. I passed and they moved me on to the rest of the process. The interview, although stressful, was fine as well because I knew the subtext of what they were asking and the appropriate approach to the questions. I know I would have blown it without your help, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Going for this job has really increased my confidence."

What do our clients say about our police tests and interview preparation?

"Thank you so much for all the coaching help with the psych interview. You really broke it down so I could understand it and it made the difference in putting me back in the driver's seat. I've officially moved on with XXX and I'm in the background check now. Thanks again!" July 11, 2024

"Yes, the CBSA OTEE test went great and they have called me in for an interview. I'm really nervous but I'm working on the interview program right now (I was just thinking of you) and I will get through it just fine with a little more work. Thanks again." June 23, 2024

"Thanks for making this website - I found it very helpful and informative about the process. I also found the study material really good and the right topics too. I must have scored high on my OACP because when I applied both services offered me interviews right away. I have friends who are still waiting who didn't use you. Now I'm on to the police interview program and have full confidence you will tell me what I need to know, just like with the police test part." June 13, 2024

"If you are trying to get a police job then this is the website to work from. Gillian, thank you for being so patient with me and getting me hired. You are dedicated to your clients and that's rare these days." May 26, 2024

"Thank you for providing me with the programs I needed to succeed. The police process is not the easiest to master the first time through but you managed to guide me along the way and get me through right away. I plan to spread the word to anyone who is interested in policing - especially now that I'm hired." May 18, 2024

"Hi Gillian, I was actually going to email you. The interview went well ... Your interview material was great. I really went back to the templates and came up with some new examples that got me through." (Client had coaching and was advised that the examples he had written were not sufficient, along with tips on how to improve them. We did extensive brainstorming together along with an emphasis on what points to hit to be successful. This is full-service coaching with a near 100% success rate.) CR: "Are you glad in the end that you had coaching after all?" Client: "Yes absolutely thank you. I will keep you updated." April 10, 2024

Police · OACP · SIGMA SSPO · CBSA · RCMP · CFAT · ETHOS · Police Interviews

Passionate About Your Success!

We want you to succeed with your police test and interview preparation! Investing time and energy into our website created an amazing tool for you to succeed. Overall we wouldn't have it any other way.

Moreover, we promptly integrate client feedback into our programs. Unlike other websites, our programs are meticulously designed, and any reported typos are swiftly corrected. It's precisely our meticulous attention to detail that, in turn, will expedite your transition into a career in law enforcement.