Canadian Armed Forces CFAT Program

We offer a Canadian Armed Forces CFAT Program that is tried, true, and delivers what you need. You will need to score high on the CFAT to beat out your competition.

Why Score High on the CFAT Canadian Forces Aptitude Test?

First, you need to score high to beat out the competition in your top choice of trades. Recruiters use the scoring metric to fill the positions that need to be filled by telling them your aptitudes. If you chose "Military Police" as your top choice, you would compete with everyone across Canada for a few coveted positions. This testing metric applies to all career choices within the Canadian Armed Forces.

Second, you need to score high to give yourself options beyond your top choice. Perhaps you really want to be a Dental Technician, again, you will want to score high enough to open this trade up to apply to it.

So as you can see, the testing serves a dual purpose, what trades are you best suited for, and where do you fit in within other applicants vying for those careers.


Expect to Fail Without Training

Our Canadian Armed Forces CFAT Program gives members access to extensive teaching, practice, and mock tests for all areas of the CFAT. We create the material specifically, not just drawn from a bank of general questions. Why is this important? When you practice with mock tests that are similar to the real tests, you will improve your scores. As a result, you will have more choices for military trade options.

You will need to be strong in math and problem solving, to score well. Most clients starting are weak in these areas. We fix that through an extensive video teaching program that starts with the very basics and leads up to complicated questions that are typically asked in the testing. If you do the work and use the material provided, your math skills will be strong. Clients who have never understood math up until discovering us say that they are grateful for now having math skills under their belt.

Cognitive Results Provides Guided Direction for Studying For Your CFAT Canadian Forces Test

You will access teaching and practice for all of the Canadian Armed Forces CFAT areas. You will have extensive practice material in the Canadian Armed Forces CFAT program to improve your skills and help you to achieve your goals. Of course, you have to work hard and learn the material as taught, but we take the guess-work out of WHAT to study. We guide through the process.

You can put your trust in our Canadian Armed Forces CFAT program - tried and true since 2005.

Why choose Cognitive Results? (Since 2005)

Current Teaching

Continuously updated, accurate programs.

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Full teaching programs, not just a bank of tests repeating the same questions.

Learning Tools

Learn how not just what. Videos with quizzes to check progress. Teaching, tests, practice exams.

Very High Success Rates

Our clients are successful.

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