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CBSA OTEE Program Information with Cognitive Results

Are you considering a career with the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA)? Passing the CBSA Officer Trainee Entrance Exam (OTEE) is a crucial step in the selection process for CBSA candidates. At Cognitive Results, we guide you through the preparation journey, ensuring you have the knowledge and support you need to succeed. Read on for more CBSA OTEE program information with Cognitive Results.

CBSA OTEE Program Information Details

Becoming a border services officer (BSO) requires some patience. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has a very extensive process to make sure they hire the right people with the right skills and experience. Part of this process includes writing the OTEE (Officer Trainee Entrance Exam).

CBSA specifically says to find the guidance you'll need to get through the extensive evaluation and training process. Like most police services or law enforcement organizations, you are expected to research, study, and use your community resources, such as Cognitive Results. This is not a secret process! You are expected to get help.

The CBSA OTEE (Officer Trainee Entrance Exam)

The OTEE (Officer Trainee Entrance Exam) is an online exam composed of 117 multiple-choice questions. These questions have been developed to assess four (4) of the required competencies to become a CBSA officer trainee.

The official CBSA website says the questions are hypothetical and therefore applicants do not require any prior knowledge of the CBSA, but we disagree. Instead, we use a specific training method for our clients that ensures they are prepared for the OTEE.

You must complete the test within the one-week window CBSA gives you. However, once you start it, you must finish it in one sitting. You are given 135 minutes to complete the test.

Although 135 minutes seems like a long time, the test is extensive and you will perform much better with concentrated study efforts. Our program will provide the focus and feedback on the various topics and sections so that you will know where to continue to focus and be prepared overall. You only need to use our program for guidance and practice.

Competencies Assessed in the CBSA OTEE

We offer tailored practice in ALL four areas of the test in our CBSA OTEE program. Here is more information:

  • Reasoning Skills
    • The ability to draw conclusions or inferences from information to solve problems.
  • Analytical Thinking
    • The ability to use a logical thought process to break down and work through a situation or problem to arrive at an outcome.
  • Client Service Orientation
    • The ability to provide the best service possible (quality, timeliness, completeness, knowledge/competence, courtesy, fairness, outcome, etc.) to both internal and external clients.
  • Writing Skills
    • The ability to produce written documents, including correspondence, reports, documentation, etc., clearly and correctly, using plain language, and in a style and form likely to appeal to and influence the intended audience.

CBSA OTEE Exam Results

Successful results of the OTEE are valid indefinitely. If you receive unsuccessful results, your candidacy will be terminated. If you wish to re-apply, you may rewrite the OTEE one full year after your initial attempt.

Traveller using CBSA services. As a Border Officer, you will process these travellers after passing your CBSA OTEE exam.

How Cognitive Results Can Help

At Cognitive Results, we understand that the writing the CBSA OTEE exam can be daunting. We aim to make it as smooth and stress-free as possible for you using our CBSA OTEE program and its information. Here’s how we can support you:

  • Personalized Coaching: Reach out at any time as a member - we will address your specific needs and concerns, and provide guidance and feedback to enhance your performance.
  • Practice Tests and Study Materials: Access a wide range of practice tests and study guides tailored to the CBSA OTEE requirements. These resources help you familiarize yourself with the test formats and question types.

Interview Coaching Post-OTEE

After you pass your CBSA OTEE exam, prepare for the interview process. Cognitive Results offers a comprehensive Interview Program for police and CBSA interviews. In addition, Cognitive Results offers specialized interview coaching to help you present your best self and tackle challenging questions with confidence.

Success Stories

Many of our clients have successfully navigated the CBSA application process and gone on to fulfilling careers as Border Services Officers. Here’s what some of them have to say:

  • "Good Morning Gillian, I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. I just got the email indicating that I passed the OTEE exam! The practice tests and study materials were incredibly helpful, and the personalized coaching made all the difference. I couldn't have done it without you!! Cognitive Results truly provided the support and resources I needed to excel. Thank you for your assistance and the amazing program." - Ali W., Future CBSA Officer
  • "Needless to say, your site helped me tremendously be successful in both the OTEE exam and interview. Thank you again for your assistance and the comprehensive programs you offer." - Chris G., Future CBSA Officer

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