Free Ontario Police Tuition


Ontario is boosting police recruitment by investing $34 million annually into tuition coverage for police applicants. Tuition is now FREE for Basic Constable Training at the Ontario Police College.

In addition, there will be four groups of 550 officers graduating each year, which increases each group by 70 places. There has never been a better time to apply!

Free Tuition for Ontario Police Officers

Police recruits have had to cover their own tuition in the past, either up-front or as a deduction in their paycheque for the first year, making it difficult financially.

This announcement makes it a lot easier financially - now you can get paid to go to Police College and have the tuition covered.

Post-Secondary Educational Requirement Waived

Plans for new legislation include plans for new recruits to have the educational requirement of a post-secondary degree or diploma waived. Up until this point, a police officer has also been required to have a university or college degree, as per the Community Safety and Policing Act.

If the new legislation is passed, this requirement will be eliminated. The changes are to encourage more diversity and representation for applicants in policing.


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