How Hard is the OACP Test?


The OACP Certificate no longer uses the PAF test. The OACP Certificate currently uses the SIGMA SSPO testing. Our OACP Police Preparation Program is up-to-date with these changes. We custom create programs to suit individual tests. Others recycle old material.

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Overview of the 2020 OACP Testing Changes

Firstly, on January 1, 2020, the OACP replaced the PATI with the PAF. Secondly, on August 18, 2020, the OACP replaced the PAF with the SIGMA SSPO, leaving the second test unchanged. Now the first test is the SIGMA SSPO, and the second test is the ESQ2 (Personality Assessment). Thirdly, no test results are shared with applicants.

Members of Cognitive Results have access to correct new OACP police test information. Members access full teaching and practice to help you develop into a successful candidate. Our video teaching is unparalleled in the business. Our programs are extensive and thorough, giving you what you need to study and how to study it.

How Hard Are the OACP Ontario Police Tests?

The OACP test is hard. In comparison, it is now harder than the two prior tests used by OACP. It is a form of IQ test for policing skills and aptitudes. But it is primarily a cognitive skill test. You cannot finish this test in the time given. It measures speed and accuracy. Likewise, it measures intelligence and performance under pressure. Do not underestimate the SIGMA SSPO.

From the SIGMA SSPO creator: Police officers are often faced with difficult situations that require quick, logical decision-making. The SIGMA SSPO is an objective, reliable, and highly valid assessment for screening job applicants for the position of a police officer. The SSPO uses questions to identify individuals with the cognitive skills necessary to use sound judgment in police situations, show good comprehension of legal documents, and to write credible incident reports.

The SSPO measures general cognitive ability, which is one of the best predictors of job performance for virtually all jobs. More effective than resumes, education, references, or interviews.

Why High Scores Matter on the OACP Ontario Police Tests

To clarify, police services can view your detailed results. They can see your weaknesses. There is no hiding with these results. No simple pass or fail. They will see all of your strengths and weaknesses. Doesn't it make sense to optimize your results with excellent preparation?

Moreover, the police services will invite you in for an interview only if your results are high enough to meet their criteria. Therefore, it is most important that you work hard at your preparation and perform high enough to get to the next stage.

The results are not shown to you, the applicant. As a result, the only way you're going to know you didn't do well is if you are not invited to interview with the police services. How hard is the OACP test? Hard. Not only due to the test itself, but due to the new process.


Cognitive Results is Efficient and Effective in Preparing You for your OACP Ontario Police Certificate

Since 2005, we have helped hundreds of police candidates. Certainly, with that many years of experience, we are experts in police preparation and testing. We treat our clients fairly and honestly. Moreover, we respond quickly when a test changes to serve our clients best. You want the program you purchase to be relevant if at all possible, despite changing metrics from the police services.

All of our police test teaching, practice, and video courses are created by a Certified Teacher and a Professional Engineer. We continually add material and expand our programs. We continue to be the best resource for police applicants like you. All of this takes hard work and continued effort, but this is our full-time occupation, and we take this seriously - just like you take policing seriously.

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