How is the SIGMA SSPO Scored?

How We Help You Score Higher

We help police applicants pass their police tests and interviews. In Ontario alone, the OACP, OPP, York Regional Police, and Peel Regional Police services use the SIGMA SSPO. To clarify, this article explains how the SIGMA SSPO is scored.

What Services Use the SIGMA SSPO Police Test?

The following police services use the SIGMA SSPO (SIGMA Survey for Police Officers):

OACP Certificate testing

OPP (Ontario Provincial Police)

YRP (York Regional Police)

PRP (Peel Regional Police)


United States (various locations)

Why Do Police Services Use the SIGMA SSPO Police Test?

The SIGMA SSPO is a form of IQ test. Importantly, high test scores are strongly correlated with police officer job performance. As a result, police services trust this test. Their goal is to screen out applicants who will not be good police officers. As time passes, the SIGMA SSPO usage is increasing exponentially. This indicates that the SIGMA SSPO does a good job of screening.

How is the SIGMA SSPO Police Test Scored?

Documentation on the SIGMA SSPO uses the following procedure for score conversion:

Your correct answer score is converted to a percentage score

Your percentage score is converted to a normalized score

Your normalized score is converted to a percentile (how you compare to others)

Your percentil score is compared to the original test group of over 1400 individuals who took this test when the standardized norms were being developed.

Should you guess on the SIGMA SSPO Police Test?

In short, guessing is not to your advantage. You are, in fact, penalized with the wrong answers subtracted from the right answers.

Are the Questions of Equal Weight?

In short, no they are not. The math and logic questions are weighted more heavily. Although the test is not as heavily math-based as previous police tests used, the questions are more involved and you need to be quick and accurate to score well on these components. Preparation is key.


How Many Questions Will Typically Pass The SIGMA SSPO Police Test?

You will need to correctly answer 64 or more questions (out of 74 questions), according to our clients. Moreover, it is almost impossible to complete the test. Subsequently, this emphasizes thorough and efficient studying.


This is not a pass-fail test though. The number of questions to pass is what clients have given as feedback.

Cognitive Results Will Prepare you Well for the SIGMA SSPO Police Test

Certainly, our SIGMA SSPO Program is tried and true. Our pass rate, as reported by our clients using the program in its entirety, is 100%. In conclusion, using our study program is essential for this difficult test.

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