Are you ready to embark on a rewarding career in law enforcement but feel overwhelmed by the daunting Ethos police test? At Cognitive Results, we specialize in turning your aspirations into reality with our comprehensive Ethos Program. Designed to address mastering the academic test, our program provides the personalized coaching, practice tests, and study materials you need to succeed. Discover how our proven strategies and expert guidance can transform your preparation and set you on the path to success in law enforcement. Read on to learn more about how Cognitive Results can be your ultimate partner in this crucial step towards your future career.

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Cognitive Results Ethos Program Test Prep Information

Cognitive Results Ethos program test prep Information. When it comes to online preparation for the Ethos test, Cognitive Results stands out as the premier choice for several compelling reasons:

Proven Track Record of Success

1. Exceptional Results: Cognitive Results consistently produces top scores among students, showcasing a proven track record of success. This history of high achievement builds confidence in students, knowing they are learning from a program that delivers results.

Comprehensive Curriculum

2. In-Depth Content Coverage: The program offers a comprehensive online curriculum that covers all aspects of the Ethos test in detail. Each section is meticulously designed to ensure students master the necessary skills and knowledge, from critical reasoning to analytical writing.

Expert Instructors

3. Experienced Educators: Cognitive Results employs highly experienced and qualified instructors who are experts in their fields. Their insights and personalized teaching methods help demystify complex concepts and provide students with the tools they need to excel.

Interactive Learning Tools

4. Multiple Choice Questions and Solutions: The program features a vast array of multiple choice questions with complete solutions, enabling students to practice extensively and understand the reasoning behind each answer. This practice is crucial for mastering the test format and improving accuracy.

Personalized Learning Experience

5. Dynamic Feedback: Recognizing that each student has unique strengths and weaknesses, Cognitive Results ensures dynamic feedback is provided from tests and exercises. This personalized approach ensures that each student can focus on areas needing improvement while reinforcing their strong points, maximizing their potential for a high score.

Flexible and Accessible Support

6. Email and Phone Support: Students have access to email and phone support for questions or concerns they may have. This ensures that help is always available when needed, providing timely assistance to keep students on track.

Enhanced Learning Options

7. Online Coaching: For those seeking additional support, Cognitive Results offers online coaching at an extra cost for members. This coaching provides personalized guidance and expert advice, further enhancing the learning experience and improving outcomes.

Video Teaching for Mathematics

8. Engaging Video Lessons: To support students in mastering mathematics, Cognitive Results provides high-quality video lessons. These engaging videos explain complex mathematical concepts in an easy-to-understand manner, helping students grasp difficult topics effectively.

Ethical and Professional Standards

9. Integrity and Trust: Cognitive Results is known for its ethical approach and professional standards. This reputation for integrity ensures that students receive honest, high-quality preparation, free from shortcuts or dubious practices, aligning with the ethos of excellence.

Holistic Skill Development

10. Beyond Test Preparation: The program not only prepares students for the Ethos test but also focuses on developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. These skills are invaluable beyond the test, contributing to long-term professional success in your law enforcement career.

By choosing Cognitive Results, students invest in an online program that not only prepares them to achieve outstanding Ethos test scores but also equips them with essential skills for future success. This holistic, ethical, and results-driven approach makes Cognitive Results the ideal choice for anyone serious about excelling in the Ethos test.

Cognitive Results client studying online using the Ethos program test prep.

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  • Includes interview and psych programs.

Ethos Program Test Prep Information

Ethos Overview

The Vancouver Police Department Intake Examination assesses practical skill sets that police officers must use on a regular basis while performing their duties. The exam is divided into four modules, is three hours in length, and is marked out of 105. A score of 60% is required to pass.

The Ethos test is oriented heavily towards language skills but includes some mathematics skills (without using a calculator).

The four modules assess the following areas:

  • Memory and observation skills (20 marks)
  • Writing and editing skills (40 marks)
  • Reading comprehension and critical thinking skills (30 marks)
  • Summarizing skills (15 marks)

Module 1: Memory and Observation Skills (20 marks)

This module is divided into two sections.

For section one, the candidate first reads a police bulletin and memorizes as much information as possible.

For section two, the candidate first watches a video detailing a crime in progress. The candidate secondly answers 15 multiple choice questions testing memory and observation skills regarding the video. Finally, the candidate answers 5 multiple-choice questions regarding the police bulletin. (1 mark per question x 20 questions.)

Module 2: Writing and Editing Skills (40 marks)

The candidate works with four passages of text in this section. (10 marks per passage x 4 passages.)

The candidate first reads each passage. The candidate secondly identifies the writing errors in the passage by listing the errors. Finally, the candidate rewrites the passage and corrects any mistakes from the original (without creating new errors).

Module 3: Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking (30 marks)

This module consists of three sections. (10 marks per section x 3 sections.)

In the first section, the candidate first reads an article. The candidate secondly answers questions about the article in sentence and paragraph form.

In the second and third sections, the candidate first reads details about crimes and accident scenes. The candidate secondly answers questions in point form.

For all three sections, candidates answer questions using skills such as reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and mathematics.

Module 4: Summarizing Skills (15 marks)

The candidate first reads one police report narrative and secondly writes a written summary that captures the original report's essential message in paragraph form. (15 marks total.)

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