New OACP Police Test Information


The OACP Certificate no longer uses the PAF test. The OACP Certificate now uses the SIGMA SSPO testing. Our OACP Police Preparation Program is up-to-date with these changes. This article summarizes the new OACP police test information you need to know.


Overview of the 2020 Changes

On January 1, 2020, the OACP replaced the PATI with the PAF. In August of 2020, the OACP replaced the PAF with the SIGMA SSPO.

To summarize, ATS is no longer involved in police testing. Also, applicants must take two (2) online proctored tests. As of August of 2020, the first test is the SIGMA SSPO, and the second test is the ESQ2 (Personality Assessment).

Stage II of the old OACP Certificate was replaced with passing a medical, hearing, and visual examination with your family doctor. Moreover, the PREP test was replaced with a Fitness Log demonstrates your fitness levels and activity.

Members of Cognitive Results have access to detailed new OACP police test information. Members access full teaching and practice to help you develop into a successful candidate. Our video teaching is unparalleled in the business.

Why High Scores Matter

To clarify, police services can view the scores/percentiles of your results. The police services will invite you in for an interview if your score/percentile is high enough. Therefore, you must work hard at your preparation and perform high enough to get to the next stage.

In conclusion, no interview invitations may mean your scores were not high enough. However, you can re-write the test in one year.

You may apply to services right away if you have your OACP certificate already. Cognitive Results has all the training and material required to help you succeed in the interview phase.

The new OACP certificate is valid for one year only. Also, you are required to keep it in good standing while you are in process with a police service.

Cognitive Results is Effective and Efficient

We have helped hundreds of police candidates since 2005. Certainly, with that many years of experience, we are experts in police preparation and testing. We treat our clients fairly and honestly. Moreover, we respond to changing tests quickly to serve our clients best.

All of our police test teaching and practice are created by a Certified Teacher and a Professional Engineer. We are continually adding material and expanding our programs. We continue to be the best resource for police applicants like you.