OACP and SIGMA Free Sample

Police officer driving a police car after using Cognitive Results to pass their test and interview.

We've been helping police candidates for a LONG TIME now. Since 2005. To help you see what you're up against, you'll find your free OACP and SIGMA free sample below. But before you click on by, keep reading. Because our experience is what you need to help you in your police journey.

Our advice is to prepare well for this police test. You will accelerate your journey. If you don't, be advised that you could set yourself back a full year in your policing journey. Please see our other blog posts for more information so you are ready and know what you're up against. Here's a link to our thorough treatment of the OACP in particular HERE.

One piece of advice is don't focus on the particular questions, but on preparing for the types of questions. There are a few versions of the OACP and SIGMA test that are used, so preparing your knowledge base will help you be ready for any eventuality. Improving your language skills will also help you with any essay type questions you may have with your particular service. Improving your math skills will generally help when things come up as well in your new line of work. Yes, math and language are important for your future profession - they are not just hurdles to clear in the entry process.

Is the OACP test the same as the SIGMA SSPO?

Yes! It is the same test, and the OACP Certificate also adds a personality test (which we also prepare you for). Find out more about the OACP Certificate HERE. Many services all across Canada use the SIGMA SSPO as well, including OPP and Peel Police.

This test must be completed in 15 minutes. Click here to start the test