SIGMA SSPO: Police Test Used for the OACP & OPP/Peel/York

You plan is to apply to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), York Regional Police Service, (YRP), or Peel Regional Police, (PRP). You know that you do not need a valid OACP to apply. You're thinking to yourself, boy I certainly dodged a bullet there!

What you might not know, however, is that these services use another test called the SIGMA SSPO. The SIGMA SSPO (Sigma Survey for Police Officers) is a test that determines if the candidate (you) meets the services benchmarks for progression in the hiring process.

Female police candidate prepares for her fitness run. She uses police tests and interview preparation.

Use Cognitive Results to Pass the SIGMA SSPO

We are experts at creating teaching material that will give you the added edge when it comes to preparing for an aptitude test. Experienced since 2005, we know what to teach you. While the SIGMA SSPO is a tool used to measure your intelligence and how you fit into the needs and requirements of that service, you will never know how you fared on this test. To that end, the SIGMA SSPO results are confidential within the service that administered the test.

Like anything in life, preparation is half the battle, the other half is the desire and the drive to be successful! As one of our members, you will have the OPP, Peel Regional Police, and York Regional Police SIGMA SSPO testing information to prepare you. We set out a study plan for you to help organize all of the material you need to learn. This is a structured program with benchmarks to meet. You will know if you're ready to write your test - it will not be a guessing game.

Don't leave your career to chance, after all, you've put the time in and you have the drive. There are a lot of other people out there that want your job just as much as you! Be competitive and get the skills you need so you can achieve that dream job. Control what you can control.