Prepare for the CBSA OTEE

Expect to Fail Without Training

Prepare for the CBSA OTEE with Cognitive Results. Be sure you've been invited for the OTEE, and NOT for Small Border Services. Small Border Services has different testing!

Prepare for the CBSA OTEE Border Services Test

Chances are if you clicked on this blog post, you are preparing to write your OTEE. CBSA purposefully gives you a short notice, so they limit your preparation time. But with the right materials, you can prepare and increase your score. Ideally, your preparation would start before your application. To that end, our OTEE Program is effective, but it's important to manage your expectations and put the work in. Any preparation service that claims otherwise is not ethical.

Helping Clients Like You to Prepare since 2005

Our clients give us exemplary feedback regarding the efficacy of our preparation program. In other words, we have accurate preparation material, and most clients pass the OTEE using our program. However, you have to do the work and complete our practice tests right through to the harder ones to succeed.

We created the questions and tests for the OTEE one-by-one, and continue to update our materials. But, you need to use all of the material given to succeed.

Importantly, preparation will increase your speed in answering questions and digesting information. This enables you to complete it as it is purposefully a long test.

What Are Our Clients Saying About Cognitive Results and the CBSA OTEE Test Preparation Program?

Our clients are proud to let us know how successful they are!

"Good Morning Gillian, I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. I just got the email indicating that I passed the OTEE exam! - I couldn't have done it without you!!"

"Hi there, I am a member of Cognitive Results and I had purchased the OTEE program to practice for my OTEE exam. I have finished writing my exam, and it went great, so thank you."

Client emailed to let me know she was successful with both the OTEE testing and interview with our help. "Needless to say, your site helped me tremendously be successful in both the OTEE exam and interview."

"Also, just got an email from CBSA and passed the exam! Thank you for your assistance and the amazing program."


Use Cognitive Results to Prepare for Your CBSA OTEE Border Services Test

In conclusion, we have had great success with clients passing, with the rare one not passing typically because of insufficient preparation or difficulties with the English language. The feedback is very good on the materials and very consistent as well. We pride ourselves on providing top quality teaching so that you can succeed. Using the material to its fullest will ensure you derive the most benefit.

Why choose Cognitive Results? (Since 2005)

Current Teaching

Continuously updated, accurate programs.

Complete Programs

Full teaching programs, not just a bank of tests repeating the same questions.

Learning Tools

Learn how not just what. Videos with quizzes to check progress. Teaching, tests, practice exams.

Very High Success Rates

Our clients are successful.

Ad-free Learning Platform

No distracting ads to deal with.

Video Teaching

Visual teaching. Video teaching. Reinforcement.

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